tunebook 35 tunes.

Started playing Irish music in the 1970s in with what was an anarchic bunch of friends. Street sessions you might call our style. Thanks to the recorded influence of Lunny and Irvine, was introduced to the delights of Balkan dance music. For a while we played punk Balkan before it started appearing in coffee shops in new York. Today I follow a Balkan path and have fallen into the very deep well of Romanian regional fiddle music.
Play in a weekly session (sort of) that meets in Castlemaine and Bendigo. If Balkan, Romanian Hungarian is to your taste, more information and lots of unique transcriptions here.

Jack Spira cittern. A work of art!
My late paternal grandfather’s fiddle. A sentimental attachment.
1916 Gibson A model mandolin
A 1922 Whyte Laydie banjo-mandolin. Set up to my tastes and actually a joy to play! Not many banjo mandolins in that category.