Julie Bennett

tunebook 7 tunes.

I’m a lifelong drummer and percussionist, and yes I play the dreaded bodhran. I’m a woman in her mid 50’s. Have played the bodhran for 23 years now. I have played in a number of bands over the years which include the styles of Irish, Scottish, Metis, Quebecois, Acadian, Cape Breton, Jazz, Rock, American Folk, and Brazilian. Obviously I love to play! Growing up with severe learning disabilities, drums became my voice. I have been told that I play the bodhran very tastefully with a wide range of dynamics and attention to detail, which means I really listen to what the other musicians are doing. Sometimes that means no percussion at all.
Currently I’m in an Irish/Maritime Band, 3 Contra Dance Bands, a Quebecois band, an Activist Brass Street Band, a Klezmer Band, and a Folk Rock band. I have recorded on a number of cds, given workshops, and performed in all types of situations which I love dearly. I have recently taken up the Mandolin.
I’m always up for a new musical experience and performance opportunities.
Percussion I play; Bodhran, Cajon, Jembe, Bones, Shakers, Triangle, Bongos, Drum kit, Marching Snare, Marching Bass drum, Timbales, and Brazilian Caixa(snare), Timbal(hand drum), Agogo(bell), Alfaia(Maracatu bass drum).