tunebook 22 tunes.

I live in Minneapolis, Mn USA. I am a flute player (modern silver not irish…yet) and have a band and play Celticy Folkish Rocklike music. I have a pickup (Barcus Berry flute pickup) in my flute. Drop me a line if you’re thinking of getting one. On a side note I am also learning the saxophone and I think it would be interesting to hear Irish music on a sax…someday I will find “At the Racket” and listen to it (so far I have been unable to find one for purchase). I am learning the fiddle and so far my lessons are going good. I have taken a break from lessons for gigs and moving/unpacking (I bought a house recently) Hopefully I will survive. I gotta find more practice time.

My current instrumental influences for music are Lunasa, Danu, Altan, Matt Molloy, Solas, and the Bothy Band. Also, I can’t keep the Wooden Flute Obsession cd out of my cd player without going through withdrawl.

A lot of people ask me why I don’t play tin whistles or an Irish flute. Well a couple of reasons. 1. I know how to play modern flute and piccolo and I like them. 2. I have short fingers and find the reach on an Irish flute uncomfortable. So I stick to what I know. Although the Casey Burns for small hands has me intrigued.