Roy Hardacre

tunebook 1 tune.

I play a three row melodeon in ADG for Knaresborough based Hornbeam Molly and for All Fools Ceilidh Band and occasionally with Fool’s jig ceilidh band which has a changeable line up. I play regularly at the Tap on Tower Street session in Harrogate on Tuesdays and on the second Sunday afternoon in the month. I also run an occasional scratch band from the session called the Hot Tap Band. Other sessions I play in are the monthly sessions at the Volunteer Arms in York, The Forrester’s Arms in Kilburn and The Sportsman in Huddersfield. I started playing melodeon in 1981 on a borrowed Hohner Corso and bought my first melodeon a Hohner Erica in 1982. My mate the late Sid Page was the first person I ever saw playing the melodeon in 1974 at Knaresborough folk club and I was hooked. When I got to know him he gave me lots of help and encouragement and it changed my life for ever.