Angela Korra'ti

tunebook 115 tunes.

I’m a budding session player in the Puget Sound/Cascadia general metro area! My current primary session is a house-hosted Quebecois session, and so most of the tunes I’m learning are Quebecois. But my first session, sadly defunct, was an Irish one and I’m learning tunes I’d collected from that as well.

Likewise, I’m also madly interested in Newfoundland tunes! I’m a raving fangirl of Great Big Sea but am expanding my knowledge of Newfoundland music in general out from them, and I love a lot of the tunes on recordings I have by the Irish Descendants, the Dardanelles, the Once, the Fables, and more.

My primary instruments are flute and whistle. I have several flutes from Carbony Celtic Winds, a big D, a little D, a G, and an A. I also have two whistles from Carbony, a C and D, as well as a blackwood Sweetheart whistle in D. And I have a Casey Burns Folk Flute in D. I do, in fact, have a ridiculous number of wind instruments. ;)

I’m also a newbie fiddler with a couple years of lessons under my belt, which I am enjoying immensely, in no small part because my teacher is the incredible Lisa Ornstein.

In addition to being an amateur musician, I’m also an author, and my author site is at But I blog a lot about music geekery there, as well as on social media. You can find me on social networks as “Angela Korra’ti” or “annathepiper”. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Always happy to chat with other session types, especially fans of Quebecois trad, flute players, or people who are both!