Emmanuel Delahaye

I’m mainly an Irish bouzouki player from Paris (France), but I also play some tin-whistle, mandolin, banjo, piano accompagnment, bodhran and bass guitar.

I have been playing professionally in the French ‘Shamrock’ Irish band in the 80’s. Now, I sometimes play in sessions or gigs and share tunes with youngers, specially my kids and friends of them.

I teach "how to play Irish music together" and plectrum GDAE instruments (banjo, mandolin and family) in a regular workshop at the Irish Association in Paris.

I also try to sing, but I am having hard time, specially in recalling the words.

The tunes I prefer are tunes in Dm or Gm like the jig ‘crabs in the skillet’ (Liz Doherty, Kane sisters). I am a little tired of the too much used tunes in D, G, Em, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t play them.

I play on a Peter Abnett bouzouki made in 1993 and tuned in GDAE. I also have an 1982 by Abnett.

I was used to go to Ireland every year for summer schools of music (my kids adore them), music festivals etc. Kids are big now, and they now choose their own way for holidays, but they still continue to play Irish tunes …

I am the conductor and arranger of the Orchestre de Musique Irlandaise (O.M.I.) based in Paris and composed of 20 musicians (fiddles, flutes, tin whistles, pipes, mandolin, guitar, bouzouki, piano, harmonica …). I have also started a vocal workshop for Irish songs, coordonated with the Orchestra..

I also play Balkanic music on the tambura, the bass and the tapan.