tunebook 2 tunes.

James’ son is from the east coast and didn’t exactly get a lot of Trad round the house as a kid. Getting there with some tunes now though.

I’ve been playing the guitar for years, have the rhythm thing going. I’m starting to pick up (bits of) tunes for short runs over a few nice "don’t really know what that is and can’t really be bothered to choose it a name" dadgad chords.

I tend to ABC2TAB a tune from time to time and then try to get it on the mandolin. I have a few, but I loose definition at mad-bastard breakneck session speed.

Can’t play anything irish on the violin as yet that wouldn’t give Comhaltas Ceoltóiri a collective heart attack. Struggling with my left arms 20 years of down-up training. There is an invisible faery who has their wand on my arm and always wants to stick in an extra stroke to get back to a down bow on the beginning of the bar.

Left-handed.. (in case you didn’t notice)