tunebook 46 tunes.

tune sets 3 sets of tunes.

Learned two jigs on the fiddle back in 1985 then gave up on it. Got a lovely student fiddle in October 2011 and progressed slowly through Matt Cranitch’s Irish Fiddle Book. I gave up on trying to read music and now learn all my tunes by ear. I love Paddy Canny’s playing, and tend to prefer listening to old recordings.
I used to meet with a few friends for a ‘kitchen’ session every week until Covid-19 put a halt to all that. It was a lovely relaxed atmosphere and a good place to play tunes. I attended the Willie Clancy Summer School four years in a row up to 2019, and really enjoyed the classes with Bernadette McCarthy, Dermy Diamond, Siobhan Peoples, Yvonne Casey and Martin Dowling. I really missed Miltown this year.
In August 2020 I bought a beautiful fiddle, a Michel Couturieux model by Laberte, from David Power Fine Violins in Dungarvan. This has transformed my playing completely. I know now that any problem with my playing is down to me, as the fiddle or bow cannot be at fault!!