John Carson

tunebook 6 tunes.

Have been playin and singing and playing trad Irish and and Scots music now for many years.Im 71 now.Live in Dumfries and Galloway.Play the banjo with a thimble as cant hold a pick as the top of my finger is damaged.Also play guitar.I m a lefty also.Took me ages to master the thimble on the banjo and indeed play the banjo.Took banjo up when I was 50 and could nt get a teacher round here so went to the Scoil Acla and a school in Tubercurry in South Sligo.The lovely people there got me started
Lived in Bedford for some years and played with Highland Paddy round the Irish pubs in that area also up here in Scotland with Uisge Beatha.
My lovely wife Rona sings plays guitar and mandolin.
Love traditional music played in the old style but also appreciate all the great things the younger generation are doin with trad music.Celtic rock et al.Love nothing better than havin a few drinks,songs and tunes with old friends and meetin new folk.