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My name is Sabine. I have been playing Irish trad. fiddle for more than 30 years. No classical background. My main influence was Gerry “fiddle” O’Connor who taught the fiddle at several workshops in Germany. Some of them I organiced. I live in the south of Germany, Würzburg (Wuerzburg) at the moment. I am always delighted to meet up with new musicians or visiting musicians. Should anyone of you be in the area, come and meet up for a few tunes! Or get in touch at facebook if you want.

I also like to paint musicians. One of my paintings is on the cd ‘live and Well by lovely concertina player Tony O’Connell. There’s also a painting of mine on the concertina-flute cd called Rooska Hill. Thanks Tony O’Connell for asking me to do them 😉.