tunebook 113 tunes.

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I’m a tenor banjo player based in Exeter, New Hampshire (USA). Just started playing around 2010 — so I feel as if I’m still learning. But I love the instrument and love the way it connects me to traditional Irish music.

My banjo: Ome "Juniper" Irish tenor — open-back, 12-inch walnut pot, 19 frets, Renaissance head, Sweetone tailpiece, simple tone ring. As the website notes, this banjo has a "bigger and mellower sounds with dry clarity to the notes." John Carty plays this banjo, among others. Somehow, however, he makes it sound better than I do.

Carty himself writes this about the banjo: "It has the depth of tone I constantly look for, coupled with an extra sustain which is a particularly great quality for Irish banjo players as this allows our music to breathe…."

Strings: D’Addario Nickel Wound .012 - .016 - .024 - .036 (if others have suggestions for different strings, I’d be happy to know).

Tuned: GDAE

I try to play a little every day. When I get tired of playing actual tunes, I love to improvise on the banjo. You never know where it will take you.

Happy to hear from anyone in the New Hampshire seacoast area about playing…