Guitar player since the early ‘60’s. Now, as an old man, I’m finally learning to read music. Currently playing guitar, mandolin, hammered dulcimer, bouzouki and just bought a tenor banjo. Life is good. Life is better when you like Irish music.

1972 Oscar Schmidt Appalachian 21 chord Autoharp
1988 Jerry Read Smith 18/17 Hammered Dulcimer
1996 Washburn EA-26 Craig Chaquico signature model
1997 Joe Foley Mandolin
2011 Luna Celtic Knot Bouzouki
2012 Ibanez Artcore AG95 w/Lindy Fralin pickups
2012 Michael Kelly Legacy Dragonfly Mandolin
2013 Taylor 414CE
2014 Clareen Celt Banjo
2014 Phil Crump B-1 Bouzouki
2016 Hammond SK1-88 keyboard
2017 Phil Crump Cittern