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Paddy Fahey’s, The Fly In The Porter, Crabs In The Skillet.

ABC sheet music
T: Paddy Fahey's
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:DFA d2 e|d^cA ~G3|AFD ~=c3|ed=c (3B=cdB|
DFA dfe|d^cA ~G3|AdB ^cAG|1 ~E3 DFE:|2 ~E3 D2 A||
|:d2 e fed|c2 A ABA|=c2 d ed=c|B2 G GFG|
A(3B^cd fed|^cAB AFG|AdB ^cAG|1 ED^C DFA:|2 ED^C DFE|
T: The Fly In The Porter
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
AFA d2A|dfa gfe|f2d efd|cAG EFG|
AFA d2A|dfa gfe|f2d cAG|Ad^c d3:|
~A3 GFG|A2D FED|~E3 cBc|GEG cAG|
~A3 GFG|GBd efg|fed cAG|Ad^c d3:|
f2D EFG|AdB cAG|f2d efg|age d3|
FAF ~G3|AdB cde|fed cAG|Ad^c d3:|
T: Crabs In The Skillet
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
D |: "Gm"G3 d2F | G2A B2c | "Dm"ded cBA | dcB AG^F |
"Gm"G3 d2F | G2A B2d |"Cm"cAc "F7"f=ed |1 cAF F=EF :|2 cAF "Gm"G2f ||
|: "Gm"gag gf=e | "Dm"fgf f=ed | "C7"cd=e "F7"f=ed | cAF F2f |
"Gm"~g3 gf=e | "Dm"~f3 f=ed | "C7"cd=e "F7"f=ed |1 cAF "Gm"G2f :|2 cAF "F7"F=EF ||
|: "Gm"G3 "Am"A3 | "Bm"B3 "Cm"c3 | "Dm"ded cBA |dcB AG^F |
"Gm"G3 "Am"A3 | "Bm"B3 "Dm"d3| "Cm"cAc "F7"f=ed |1 cAF F=EF :|2 cAF "Gm"G2 D ||