Rosalie Werback

tunebook 2 tunes.

tune sets 2 sets of tunes.

I have been playing the hammered dulcimer since November 201o. I played the violin/viola as a kid and later on until I blew my shoulder out; an odd lucky misfortune since it led me to the hammered dulcimer. I live in Washington, D.C. and was born and raised just over the border in Takoma Park, Maryland. I bought my hammered dulcimer from the House of Musical Traditions also in Takoma Park after renting one from them for a couple of months. My teacher is Karen Ashbrook. I go to the Upper Potomac Music Festivals in West Virginia and I’ve gone to the Nutmeg Festival up in Connecticut. I am a member of the Northern Virginia Hammered Dulcimer Players that meet once a month and I’m slowly expanding into other ways of playing my instrument in other groups, recently the Fabulous Glen Echo Open Band.