tunebook 2 tunes.

I live in Canada’s north, and have since ‘99. It’s a good musical place with many open mikes and venues for gigs that has allowed me to put out a demo CD a few years ago. I play guitar, mandolin, had the loan for a year of a bouzouki. On guitar I cover a number of Bruce Cockburn, Dylan, and others’ songs, plenty of blues standards, and cover a lot of quasi-Celtic tunes—the songs Planxty made, for example, such as "Sweet Thames […]," "Only Our Rivers," "Arthur MacBride," and I cover Dick Gaughan’s setting of Robbie Burns’ "Now Westlin Winds" and a standard-tuned (well, drop-tuned) version of Richard Thompson’s "1952 Vincent Black Lightning." I have a couple of tin whistles, and can pick out "Banish Misfortune" and a few other tunes, but not yet well enough. I have very little musical training. I hope some day to acquire a set of Uilleann pipes. Oh, I’d love also to play Irish flute and fiddle, but there is not enough time in life. I’ve just recently purchased *The Wheels of the World : 300 Years of Irish Uilleann Pipers,* and am about to delve into that heavy tome.