Jeanne Tao

tunebook 18 tunes.

I’m a classically trained violinist who majored in musicology (primary instrument was piano) and was never good enough to make it to the first-violin section of my college orchestra and afterward stopped playing music for over ten years. I recently began to take Irish fiddle classes and am trying to learn tunes by ear, which is excruciatingly difficult for me, but I have loved Irish music for a long time (since I was introduced to the Pogues at said college), and I think I have more of a feel for it than any other type of folk music, so I’d like to keep learning. I’m Chinese American (any wonder that I played piano and violin?), born and raised in Tucson, AZ, now living in the lower Hudson Valley of New York. I have two penny whistles, as well, and I occasionally scare my cat by playing them.