Jan Murray

tunebook 2 tunes.

tune sets 18 sets of tunes.

Hi, I try to play fiddle and have challenged myself with concertina Lachenal C/G I think. Love Irish music, and have stayed with that mostly for a couple of decades. Have recently discovered the music of Emile Benoit and the playing of Roy Johnstone. So the challenges continue to include other genres of fiddle music. I thank the Session for allowing a variety of tunes to be available to the likes of me here in Australia. I have also spent these decades repairing violins and rehairing bows. Problematic at times when you nip your left hand fingers with the knife blade. Quickly recovered from that. Have also acquired a couple of Hardanger fiddles, and they are fun. I share my life with one highly accomplished rock/blues drummer who fortunately likes Irish music too. We live on a small acreage on the outskirts of Brisbane.