Kerry Spitzer

I live in Pleasant Prairie, a tad south of Kenosha, WI. My main instruments are guitars and keyboards but also play decent mandolin, banjo (4, 5, and 6 string), dobro, and most recently Irish bouzouki. I’ve been taking the zouk to the Irish jams I go to because there are always guitar players and the zouk just works. Even though I’m a working pro musician I’m relatively new to trad Irish music. However. I’ve been lucky enough to find some great musicians from the Chicago/Milwaukee area who have been kind enough to walk me through the tunes. I’m downloading tab and notation for fiddle tunes and working up them up on gtr. and mando (they’re a great way to improve your flatpicking) but I’ll most likely just keep playing the rhythm parts on the zouk and let the fiddles banjos, flutes, etc. play the melody lines.
A quick update, I’ve been using the zouk more and more and now bring it and a baritone guitar to sessions. It has been fun working up tunes in a different key for the bari. I’m going to Ireland in Sept. and hope to play a little.