tunebook 1 tune.

melodeon player of some forty-five plus years standing living in Gloucestershire where I run a barn dance/ceilidh band with my wife and old friend who is a Scotsman heavily into Irish music.
Started playing for Morris dancing then English dance music with a few Irish tunes in the repertoire but over years the Irish content and influence has grown greatly. My daughter has stopped dancing Irish because of her knees. She once had a Conemarra pony called Guinness and delights in telling people that Michael McGoldrick is her favourite musician.
Although play D/G box mainly I now have a de-clubbed Hohner with 4 extra buttons giving me useful accidentals; a Hohner C/C# and a Paolo Soprani B/C/C#. Something to get my teeth into in ‘me old age’. Progress is being made and it is very effective especially with airs. Learning to play the B/C/C# has, I am sure, helped to develop skills on the D/G.
Although I play a lot of Irish music and attend Irish session I do have an inkling to play music from many traditions, the key thing being the quality of the tune and if it provides a challenge for developing technique and stretching my ability. As I grow older and still learning, I am beginning to notice that my skill in remembering sometimes seems to be going in the opposite direction especially when leading a set at a session.
Recent visit to Sweden has brought me in touch with Scandinavian tunes. My B/C/C# comes in very useful and the repertoire for that instrument is growing.