Davy Andrews

I am an actor/singer turned tv director turned actor/singer again! Born in England, brought up in Highland Scotland, I was a busy actor on television, in the theatre and in movies in the 1960’s and 70’s. I gigged singing to my own guitar at the legendary “Troubadour” in Earls Court, the “Sa Tortuga” coffee bar in the Kings Road, Chelsea and the “George & Dragon” Viennese Restaurant in Knightsbridge and various other venues around Chelsea. I ran a band called “Rebel Folk” which appeared in several stage productions in London and on tv. As a freelance tv director I made a huge number of dramas and specialised in drama for children and young people. For 12 years I was a Producer/Director at Scottish Television, where I made educational programmes, music shows and Gaelic programmes.

My Glasgow-based band, “Hazy Days (and Nights!)” is just completing a demo to showcase our broad repertoire of popular and traditional songs from the British Isles, Europe, and the Americas.

I live on the Clyde Coast in North Ayrshire. Oran Mor, the Islay Inn, Lios Mor, Ben Nevis and the Park Bar are my favourite Glasgow pubs for their music sessions.