Henry Lawrence

tunebook 1 tune.

I play mandolin, guitar and double bass. I am based in Ipswich, (Suffolk, UK) but I go to the west country.
I like tunes that swing, and I love simple slow airs. Robbie Burns and o’Carolan are a couple of my favourite composers.
I used to play in a barndance band "Dollyanna Monkeyfeet" in Bristol ,and I am putting one together in Ipswich.
The thing I do best is write songs; political and social satire. I’ve put some up on Soundcloud.com under my stage name "Comrade Sir Henry". I also do comedy gigs and compere as Comrade Sir Henry; he is a cross between PG Woodhouse and Leon Trotsky, an upper class communist. Solidarity, Chaps! that sort of thing
Hope to meet you over a pint and a tune.
All the best, Henry