Tom Meisenheimer

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. September of 1938. My Mother’s maiden name was Moyle, her family had lived in that district in Antrim until the Plantation and after that in Devon and Cornwall until they left for Wisconsin territory in 1842. My paternal grandmother was a Malloy from Old Ross. My dad had his father’s name, Meisenheimer. I play the five string banjo, the mandolin, the guitar, penny whistles and even the Uke (tuned to banjo tunings). While I like Irish Music by itself I am mainly interested in learning the Irish (and Scot’s) origins of American and Canadian tunes and songs. I have my own "style" of playing as I am self taught. I have been playing this sort of music since 1959. I learn and invent all for my own pleasure.

I reside in the country, outside Washington, Missouri (Franklin county) on the North edge of the Ozark Plateau.