tunebook 127 tunes.

I’ve played in the UK folk scene for 40 years.
During this time I’ve made some progress in singing, and playing the mandolin, 5-string and tenor banjo, guitar, and bothran.
I currently play in the Gloucestershire barn dance band “Hetty Pegler’s Tump” www.h-p-t.com.
This band is led by Session member id ‘hetty’, his nom-de-session
My favourite type of playing is in sessions, such as the Cumberland Arms in Newcastle, when I worked in that fine city for a year.
Fortunately my current job gives me the chance to occasionally stay away overnight, so recently I’ve had the chance to play at sessions in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, and Canterbury.
It has been a great pleasure to meet so many top-rate players at these sessions.
My real name is Hamish West, and I’m originally from Lossiemouth