Brian White’s tune sets

The Sally Gardens, Tommy Peoples’, The High.

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T: The Sally Gardens
M: 4/4
K: Gmaj
|:G2GA BAGB|dBeB dBAB|d2Bd efge|dBAB GEDE|
GFGA BAGB|d2eB dBAB|d2Bd efge|dBAB G4:|
|:dggf g2de|g2bg ageg|eaag a2eg|a2bg ageg|
dggf g2de|g2bg ageg|d2Bd efge|dBAB G4:|
T: Tommy Peoples'
M: 4/4
K: Gmaj
|:G2BG cGBG|ADDE FGAF|G2BG cGBG|1 Addc BGGF:|2 Addc BGGf||
|:g2dg egde|g2bg fgaf|g2dg egdB|1 cAdc BGGf:|2 cAdc BGGF||
T: The High
M: 4/4
K: Amix
|:a2 fa ec A2|cAeA fAeA|a2 fa ec A2|Bcdc BG G2|
a2 fa ec A2|cdef g2 fg|afge fdec|Bcdc BG G2:|
|:cAeA fAeA|cAaf ec A2|cAeA fAeA|Bcdc BG G2|
cAeA fAeA|cdef g2 fg|afge fdec|Bcdc BG G2:|