tunebook 203 tunes.

>>living in Flanders (B)
>>have been playing wooden flute since half the nineties of last century …
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I started off with ITM in a band called “the McGuiness Brothers”, later on, after this band died, started with three others a band called “Eda’in” where also a lot of French, Breton, eastern-European and Flemish music came into our set list. Gradually my interests diverted into others then ITM-music (own compositions … )
now comming slightly back to my ‘roots’ : pubsessions…

other bands i play(ed) in:
- “olla vogala” (folkie bigband)
- “bal des boiteux” (pop-jazz-folk band)
- “boomfanfare” (weirdo marching band)
- “humble grumble” (zappa-ish rockband)
- “Djamel” (algerian rai)
- “balla vogala” (folkbalband)
- “b-boa” (folkbal + fest-noz)