Kendall Wampler

tunebook 43 tunes.

tune set 1 set of tunes.

Re-read my bio and it was from 3 years ago, right before I married my wife. Well, I’m happily married, living in the Austin, TX area, working as the tech/fixit guy for a commercial print shop, and not practicing as much as I’d like to be. Still getting some musical fulfillment from running the sound board for the church I’m a member of.

If there is an Uilleann pipe instructor near me, CONTACT ME!!

Growing up I was taught Piano and Alto Sax. I still sometimes play ‘em but not as much as anything else.

I play Irish Whistle, Sax, Ocarina, Nose Flute (the comedic effect alone is worth it), and a few other things.

I really, REALLY hope to learn the Uilleann pipes next, but finances are a little (extremely) tight.