Dick Richardson

John Bailey. I have a six string guitar made for me by John in 1965 which cost me £45.00 – a month’s wages then! John had some nice rosewood and was going to cut the depth of the ribs down – I said no, leave them. So I have this beautiful guitar with amazing sustain, and apart from refretting and a bit of french polish – John never used lacquer – this is the last thing I would part with. He made me a 12 string in 1967 which had an enormous headstock, looking a bit like a paddle. If I carried it into a folk club, people would sing ‘Michael Row the Boat Ashore!“ Starpped for cash, I sadly sold it in the 70’s to Tony Eckersley who then sold it onto a merchant seman from Brazil. In 1969, after moving from Wembley to Wimbledon, he made me a 6 string appalchian dulcimer. My other guitars? A Fylde Orsino early 80’s – the best I have heard. A Rob Button 6 string with half size body mid 80’s, a Vega (Dutch Martin) mid 70’s and an Eric Brett, mid 70’s. But I would tke the Bailey to my desert island!