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Hi, I’m Dave and after many years living in Glasgow I’m now back in Asturias.

I play whistles (McManus, Goldie), flute (Ormiston) and a few other instruments.

If you’re ever in Asturias and wanna have a tune, please, drop me a line. We’re always happy to have visitors! It’ll be great to welcome you. You can find me at El Cafetón in Avilés (https://thesession.org/sessions/3075) and L’Esperteyu in Oviedo.(https://thesession.org/sessions/6636).

During the summer, I help organize the Incerceltic Festival of Avilés (Festival Intercélticu d’Avilés). Hopefully, after two-year break due to, well…, you know…. we’ll be able to do it again.