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Hi, I’m Dave and I’m an Asturian living in Glasgow.

I play whistles (Goldie, Swayne and Ormiston), flute (Morvan and Wylde) and piano.

I’m a part of Glasfow Folk-Music Workshop and help out running the organization. If you have any questions about us, send me a message!

During the summer, in my hometown, I help organize the Incerceltic Festival of Avilés (Festival Intercélticu d’Avilés), which is an immense pleasure for me. Great fun, really!

When in Glasgow, I enjoy playing in different sessions around the area. Mainly, Babbity Bowster’s, the Islay Inn and every now and then the Ivory Hotel.

In real life, I’m a software engineer building stuff for EdTech. 🙂