Christine Krebs

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I’m a musician, singer, and cat slave of a certain age living in Fairborn, Ohio that works as an administrative specialist at Wright State University.Between work and finishing my master’s degree I manage to find time to play concert flute (since 1973), guitar (since 1979), whistle (since 2011) and various world percussion and folk instruments as well as singing. I’ve also been playing a lovely 19th century 8-key anonymous rosewood flute (that Hauer Music did a fabulous job of repairing and restoring) since 2014. I’ll be starting to learn to play the fiddle this autumn.

Irish traditional music has become my favorite kind of music to play because its just so much fun!

I love to play music and sing with others and hope to find a group of like minded individuals in the Dayton area to do so with. I go to the Dayton Celtic Festival every July and am hoping that this year I can make it to the Dublin Irish Festival near Columbus, Ohio in August. If anyone would like to arrange to meet at either event or to set up a meeting elsewhere to talk and play tunes just email me at