Paul Sanders

tunebook 13 tunes.

I am from country Victoria Australia living in the foot hills of the Great Dividing Range. I have played blues harmonica for the last 15 years, but have progressively been drawn to the rhythms of Celtic music, inspired by the playing of the Murphy family, Eddie Clarke and Brenda Power. The session site has/is providing me with a valuable resource library to learn from.
As I progress with my technique of the various styles from Polkas, Reels and Jigs, I hope to join in on a session and play with others musician particularly box players.
As a harmonica player there are many challenges ahead, however I am working my way through them.
One of the main advances I have learnt as a harmonica player, from various harmonica customizers, is to adjust a harmonica to suit styles and playing technique. Via the The Session Discussion site I am happy to share my understanding and knowledge of customizing with those that are interested.