Rob Stuart

tunebook 8 tunes.

I’m an Englishman in Utrecht (NL). I teach and edit academic English writing and run a private practice as an integrative therapist/counselor.
To stay sane, I play folk and folk-influenced music on various whistles (Goldie Low D, Burke Low D Aluminum Pro Viper, MK Pro Low D, MK Kelpie Alto F, Tony Dixon aluminium alto G, brass alto A and nickel soprano D). Most of all, I love listening to and playing slow Irish airs. Other instruments I’ve collected over 40 years include: Brian Lofthouse handbuilt Celtic mandolin, various percussion instruments (Irish bodhran, Turkish darbuka, Senegalese djembe and taman, Hugh Tracey kalimba), Korg Triton Classic workstation (often hooked up to a software synth on my laptop), Arturia MatrixBrute, MicroFreak & DrumBrute, Waldorf Blofeld, and acoustic guitars (Breedlove RD/E handbuilt by Steve Henderson, Sire A7 (GS) NT Sungha Jung, Eastman AC330E-12 twelve-string and Yamaha APX-FNA nylon six-string, all fitted with piezoelectric pickups), Dean Hardtail US-built custom electric six-string, Epiphone Sheraton hollow body electric six-string with Bigsby, Ibanez SRF705 five-string fretless bass and Yamaha RBX5 five-string fretted bass.