Greg Gunner

I’m pretty much a novice tinwhistle player, but I can play clawhammer banjo, mountain dulcimer, and Native American style flute. I know the basics of tinwhistle playing and can play a dozen or so tunes. After several years of playing traditional American music, I want to get back to playing traditional Irish music.

About 15-20 years ago I was a struggling uilleann piper attempting to learn on my own. I connected with Al Purcell who gave me several private lessons. I was driving nearly three hours one way on a Thursday night to meet with Al at his house. The driving distance on a work night was too great to keep up long-term, and I had to stop the lessons. Going through a divorce and struggling trying to teach myself, I sold my set of pipes and focused on banjo and dulcimer.

I’m trying to get back into playing Irish music now. Hopefully, the tinwhistle will be the gateway back.