Charles Buzzard (Buzz)

Say hi to an interloper. I go by Buzz or Fritz, usually Buzz. I am in Wheeling, WV and am now retired. Been playing guitar on & off for decades. Got started in the USAF, in Texas, when several of us bought cheap guitars and started learning Kingston Trio songs.

Finally got into fingerpicking about 10 years ago, when I discovered Mississippi John Hurt, then John Fahey, then Will Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill records. (See, I told you I was an alien.)

Another reason I’m here is because I am starting a food blog and I love the clean, economical layout of this site. I guessing it is a WordPress effort.

Anyway, my gear is a very modest collection: Martin 000-15S, Taylor 314 and a custom-made parlor guitar built to Larrivee specs. All guitars are equipped with K&K bridge pickups. Amps are a 30 watt Ultrasound acoustic, which I love, and a little 10 watt Yamaha which I bought on eBay for 35 bucks