Bob himself

tunebook 212 tunes.

I’ve been playing guitar since 1957, fiddle since 1976. Other instruments come and go and come back again.

Music has been the most constant element throughout my life. It’s gotten me through hard times and good times. The first honest(?) dollar I earned was for playing guitar in a honky tonk rock & roll band in 1961 (I was fourteen).

My wife and I sing ballads and other songs with roots and guts and we’ve led some festival workshops on the ballad tradition. We’ve been singing together since 1964.

After a severe wrist injury, I was sidelined for several years from playing music, except for harmonica. I’m playing again, cautiously, now and feeling grateful for every minute of it.

In recent years, I’ve been involved in producing concerts, festivals and a radio show, but I’ve given up that stuff to have more time and energy for physical therapy and actually playing music.