Gail Catherine Piche

tune set 1 set of tunes.

I’m a 58-year old Registered Nurse from New Hampshire, motorcycle racer, and ballad singer, accompanying myself on the guitar since age 11, mostly with the same three chords. I’ve played a number of other instruments over the years, flute, fiddle, harp, and Great Highland Bagpipes. I’ve found that, even forty years later, my embouchure never left, and I’m awaiting a Casey Burns Folk Flute… but in the meantime, oh, my Goddess, where has this supposed child’s toy, this tin whistle, been my whole life? Tiny piping thing in the flutter of my piper’s grip, now piercing, now bubbling, bright, dark. What a gift.

And now, five years later, 63 an’ all, halting fingers finding harp strings again, and finding myself in western North Carolina, with a long commute, a Burke whistle in my hands and my knee on the wheel…