O'Donnell the Fiddler

tunebook 119 tunes.

I’m a twenty-something intermediate fiddler in the Richmond, VA area of the US. I also play tenor banjo, tin whistle, mandolin, piano accordion, bodhran, viola, guitar, bass and piano. I am a professional musician who’s always been interested in Irish music. I have learned to play and sing the folk songs on the guitar and have picked up a few tunes here and there over the years, but recently I have made a commitment to seriously immerse myself in the traditional music. I am on a journey to improve my technique, expand my repertoire and hopefully one day become a seasoned player. I have found a local session and am quickly learning the ins and outs of this wonderful music. I am also learning old-time Appalachian, Bluegrass, Scottish and Newfoundland musical traditions, but am concentrating on the Irish tradition.