Julia Rohan

tunebook 7 tunes.

I have been writing songs and singing them by accompanying myself on guitar for close to 50 years now. I have 2 self-produced CDs available at www.cdbaby.com/jrohan. I also sing mezzo in a classical women’s choir. Recently our town hosted the Celtic Harmonies Festival. I signed up to go to one concert, Richard Wood with Gordon Belsher, and then for both a fiddle workshop with Frank Hall and Richard Wood, and a guitar workshop with Tony McManus. I had never really been ‘hooked’ by Celtic music before, but I guess I must have been ready because I got REALLY hooked on Scottish/Cape Breton style fiddling. I went out and bought a violin and have been working on learning it every day. Luckily I read music pretty well so I’m using books, and internet videos. I also see a teacher once a month - Alex Kehler of Sherbrooke, Quebec, who is helping me along. I signed up here today to download the song Island of Woods by Liz Carroll.