helen m.b. Loftus

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Originally from Balllina, Co. Mayo, Ireland
l live in Vancouver, B.C. for 6 months of the year and Honolulu, Hawaii for the other 6.
I enjoy playing, fiddle, mandolin, tin whistle, concertina and, especially the harp with those I meet.
There are lots of Celtic loving musicians here in Honolulu, and they are members of Whiskey Starship,
Celtic Waves and Doolin Rakes.
Most of the musicians studied classical music initially and do a very fine job of beltin’ out reels, jigs, polkas etc. I love playing in the open air surrounded by water…must be the Irish in me.
Cheers, and if you are ever in Honolulu, you can hear great Irish music at Kelly O’ Neills, Lewers Street and at O ‘Tooles, Nunuanu Street, downtown Honolulu.