Marzio Venuti Mazzi

tunebook 10 tunes.

I live in Rome (Italy) and since I was very little at home we had Chieftains IV record and we used to play it enough often, about 20 years ago (after a childhood spent with rock, metal and progressive) I discovered that there are other Chieftains record along with hundreds record from other artists…
Now it about ten years that with my band, "The Shire" (, we play homages to this wonderful music, that as I say is "the mother of rock". I sing and play guitar. Then we have flute, fiddle, concertina and button accordion.
In 2014 I took the burden of being the chairman of CCE Italian Branch and, along with Marco Fabbri and Augusto Ferraiuolo, I organize the Roman Fleadh.
In Rome there are around 25 session per month.
Write me for info about music in Rome, sessions, lessons and whatever you need.