I am in New England, USA. I have played transverse flutes for many years including Boehm and simple-system 6-holed flutes including “keyless”, 1-key, 6-key, 8-key and more-keyed flutes, but I would now like to learn about playing a simple-system whistle which seems a good option for me.

My family, O’Muirgheasain (Morrison), was originally from the Inishowen peninsula of Co. Donegal before migrating to Co. Armagh a few hundred years ago and I am the first of my line of the family born in USA.

Hundreds of years ago the Morrison name was for various reasons popularly adopted in Scotland by no less than several different families who are not genetically related to each other. Yet I am the first genetically known Irish Morrison. But how and why did my family get the Morrison name? Simples. We stole it.

These days I am working with a well used, ordinary Feadog whistle of yellow brass with a green head which I got at no cost, as a gift, and flute players here would likely be horrified with it. Playing it is like an exercise at holding one’s breath, quite unlike a flute. It plays with a raw, Earthy tone but passably good enough and with breath control it does play quite nicely in tune for a couple of octaves and more, all that is needed to play ITM. Oh, I also am discovering how fast it can play, very responsive, no keys to obstruct anything and as fast as fingers can move.