Seamus Brennan

I’m from New Ross Co. Wexford but my family are in Midleton Co. Cork. I live on-the-beach beside The Sanctuary of Truth near Pattaya Thailand. I am a semi retired freelance electrical engineer and troubleshooter power stations around SE Asia. I am 66years old.
I play the Chromatic Harmonica and the Diatonic. In my collection of instruments I have almost all the Suzuki Fabulous range including Chromatic and Diatonic. I also have the Suzuki Sirius 14 hole designed by the master himseff Brendan Power, although my favourite instrument to play is The Suzuki Gregoire Maret in Rosewood. I think my signature Irish tune is The King of the Fairies. At this minute I am learning Sharon Shannon’s ‘The King of the Pipers’ and I just bought her ‘Circle of Friends’ from her website. I am simply awestruck by this ladys music. I’m putting together a selection to play on Paddy’s Day here in Pattaya. Last year, The Irish in Pattaya sponsored the delightful young talented group ‘Cairde’ from Donegal to play during the Fr. Ray Foundation Charity event. I have a bundle of photos. T an Gaeilge agam go foil. Slan. Seamus Brennan