tunebook 2 tunes.

Doursean Baldry here…
Bodhran is my primary percussive instrument, which I’ve taught successfully in the S.NJ & greater Philadelphia areas for the past 8 years. I also play Recorder (my primary melody instrument), Whistle, World Percussion (all in the traddy Celtic style) and sing, specializing in Puirt-A-Beul (Traditional Scottish Gaelic Mouth Music) (I’ve been working on strings for the last 1.5years). In addition to playing, I’ve been an avid composer of traditionally styled Celtic tunes for years now and am close to reaching the 150th tune mark… with any luck, a tune book will be in the future. :-)

I’m the founder of the traditional Celtic band: GaothAgusRithim "Wind & Rhythm" (which is presently re-forming and looking for members) Please get in touch if you’re interested.
I’m also a solo performer and available to play with others.

Bodhran lessons are available for individuals as well as groups, all at reasonable rates. Please get in touch if you’d like to schedule lessons or inquire as to Band information…
Ring: 1.856.816.6923

Le Durachdan, Doursean (sean)

Celtic CraftWorks
ring: 1.856.816.6923