David Knight

David Knight here. My main musical focus has been to instigate dance up and down the East Coast of the United States and beyond since 1991, primarily fiddling in the Irish (though less recently), Scottish, American, and English dance traditions. I also has compose tunes, perform concerts, and participate in the occasional recording. Four recordings so far: “Thistle House Live!” (2013), “Ellen Gozion: Awake, Awake” (2004), “More Memories of Scottish Weekend” (2003), and “Waverley Station: First Stop!” (2003). I have two collections of original tunes – “Fleeting” (2000) and “The Art Of…” (2003) – both featuring waltzes, jigs, marches, airs, reels, and Strathspeys.

Most recently, I have been active in three bands: Green Light Karma (Andrew Marcus, accordion; Dave Wiesler, guitar and piano) for contra and the occasional English dance gig; Thistle House (Dan Emery, flute and pipes; Dave Wiesler, piano); and Waverley Station (Liz Donaldson, piano; Ralph Gordon, cello and bass) for English, Scottish, and contra dancing, although he would love it if The Evil Twins (Laurie Fisher on piano, drums, and fiddle) or Skidu (Patrick Cavanagh, banjo and mandolin; Michael Lesley, flute; Zan McLeod, guitar; and Matty Metcalfe, accordion) would get some energy to play together again.

I used to compete in regional Scottish fiddle performance and composition competitions and qualified to compete at the US National Scottish Fiddling Championships in 1997. In 1998, I composed and performed the score for the American premier of David Harrower’s Knives in Hens, produced by Quantum Theater in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and selected as the Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s 1998 Play of the Year.

A native of South Carolina, I live and work in the District of Columbia.