Mike Richardson

I live near Anchorage, Alaska and have been playing fiddle since I was 32. I’m now 72 Started playing contra dance music but really love Irish and Scottish music. Been to Willie Clancy twice. I also play mandolin, whistle, flute,
tenor banjo, and a baritone uke tuned like an octave mandolin, sounds great. I also play around on the Irish pipes. I just loaded 182 CD’s of Irish music on to my mac, 30 years of collecting. I play by ear. I wish we had computers and slow downer’s when I started playing!!!!!!!! I use a short shipping case for my fiddle and use a carbon fiber bow cut in half with a scarf joint so it will fit in my case. I use a paper tube to reassemble bow.
Works great!!!! My fiddler is hand made by our local fiddler make John Osnes and I spent 6 years working with John repairing violin bows. cheers Mike Richardson/fiddler49