Mirte Elianne de Graaff

tunebook 29 tunes.

Hi everyone,
I’m a 24 year old fiddler from Holland (Amsterdam). I had the privilege of getting some fiddle lessons from great fiddlers like Donall Donally, Martin McGinly and Siobhan Peoples. You can find me playing in the pub Mulligans each wednesday together with some great singers and other musicians. I like both improvising on songs (I’m classically trained) and playing tunes. Some of my favourite tunes are Maudabawn chapel, oak tree, finbarr dwyers (liz carroll) and Brocca reel (liz carroll). I’ve been using this site for a while now, I find it very useful for learning the tunes although the best way for getting to know the tune is of course to listen to recordings etc. Ok, enough about me🙂 Let’s find some nice tunes to practise…