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I have been playing mostly Irish music on whistle, flute, bouzouki, mandolin, tenor banjo, for the last 47 yrs. Traveled to Ireland in 90’s and after 2000, mostly to Galway and Westport, in Mayo. Big fan of flutist Matt Molloy, and American flutist, Joanie Madden. more…
Began playing guitar at age 40, then folk music ‘73, and finally found the Irish connection with a visit to our folk club by DeDannan’s Frankie Gavin, Alec Finn & Johnny McDonagh in ’75. Gave up hunting and fishing in ’85 to devote all spare time to music and particularly Irish and Scottish genre. On and off, I played in several old time music bands like, “Over the Hill Gang-wash tub bass”, Flaggy Meadow String Band, bass fiddle, Kilronan; mostly Itrad; flute, whistles, bodhran, octave mandolin; Percival Pickers, 25 yrs mostly oldtime and some celtic on all instruments, even vocals. Then “Clinton Forgery” was the last and final organized band that was available for paid performance. I am not able to play flute anymore because of breathing problems but can still play whistle, bouzouki, and bodhran (my least used instrument, nobody ever accused me of playing it loud enough, which was fine with me).
My oldtime tunes learned by ear, are so much a part of me now that I could carry on a conversation with someone while I am playing the stringed instruments like the octave mandolin and the mandocello. But my real love is for the Traditional Irish Music ITRAD.
I am also a woodworker so I built a harp and tried to learn. But I could never get both hands playing simultaneously. Can’t play piano either, or fiddle.
My first workshop experience was at Augusta Heritage Workshops 1987 where my 18 yr old teacher; Seamus Egan, was so successful that I continued returning for Irish week under the guidance of Mick Moloney, where I began lessons on Irish flute with Jack Coen, bodhran with Mark Stone, harp with Carol Thompson, mandolin again with Seamus Egan, and whistle with Joanie Madden.
Born in WV, 1934. Retired in 1995, after 23 years with WVU as Electron Microscopist. My wife and son (Patrick) will travel to Connemara this year 2014, to climb Croagh Patrick in June to celebrate her 80th birthday and mine too. My youngest son will also be with her and his wife still has relatives in Ballina. At last minute I was able to tag along, and it was a fantastic family outing with our friends and their family in Louisburgh.

I like the discussions and would participate more enthusiastically if the lurkers would just stand back and let the conversation flow. I have zero patience for the the wise ass windups, so sometimes I get frustrated with the lack of empathy for the “less articulate” members like myself who just want to participate with everyone else. I tend to disagree when necessary and that’s usually when I get in trouble. But I am no glutton for it so I just leave, with regrets, at my age I haven’t got time to play games. Besides there is so much music waiting…..

My health has taken a positive turn and I feel hopeful to begin again with the iTrad music.
My goal now is to use this site as a teaching resource with the group that I started with :Percival Pickers, to help them learn the ABC Notation methods that I have found to be so useful, plus the commentaries and criticisms and lively discussions from a wide perspective of knowledgeable musicians around the world.

Thanks Jeremy!