tunebook 1 tune.

Wheat Ridge, Colorado, USA - play fiddle but also octave mando and guitar. After playing old-times mando and clawhammer banjo early in high school, in the late 70’s I started learning Irish music from the late great push-draw style box player Pat Flanagan of Tourmakeady, County Mayo who moved to Littleton, Colorado via London and Chicago. He knew more tunes and alternate names than anyone else I’ve ever met.

I played and sang professionally in a cowboy folk band for 10 years touring all over the US and for the US State Department to every continent except Antarctica. These days I’m a palliative care nurse practitioner and stick quite close to home. I occasionally make it out to some pub sessions, but mostly play with friends at their houses.

I have a house session here every Tuesday. If you’re traveling through, let me know and we’ll play a few!