maggie colver

I live in Appleby-Magna, a small village in North West Leicestershire. I fell in love with Irish music 20 years ago when I went to my first folk festival, and met an Irish Banjo player. The more music I listened to, the more I yearned to join in the sessions, so I bought a Bodhran and with the help of Stefan Hannigans book and tape, and 3 or 4 months practise to “Chieftans” tapes, I started to share the wonderful tunes at local sessions and folk clubs. My childhood piano lessons helped me to read music, so a tin whistle was the next step, and I was soon playing along with the tunes. Generation, Sweet tone, Faedog, Susato made up my whistle collection in the early days; I then bought a Tony Dixon D, which is rather quiet, and later added an Overton Low G which everyone loves to hear. I bought an Alba Soprano D but find it very difficult to get a good clear upper octave.
Last week I was chatting to the whistle player in the band “Kellys heroes” and he recommended a Goldie D, but they are rather expensive, so I’ll need to have a go on one.
5 years ago, I felt I needed a new challenge so I bought an “Altus” silver flute which I love and often use in folk clubs playing solo pieces including slow airs and anything else which is circulating. At the moment I’m trying to learn “Siege of a Nation” but I can’t get hold of the notation, so I just keep playing the Dubliners CD until the tune is in my head.