Rick Kroener

My name is Rick and I live in Saskatoon, Canada.
I grew up in Germany and moved to Canada at the age of 25 (1990).
In Germany I played in a number of bands in a large variety of styles, playing mostly guitar, bass or percussionist. Once I lived in Canada, I was more and more exposed to Celtic music and fell in love with it. I played in regular jam sessions for about six years, whenI was asked to join a band,
called "the Residuals". We have been playing together for about 8years now, and in our fife member band, we play music from all Celtic backgrounds. We all are vocalists and each of us plays at least three different instruments. I myself play guitars in a variety of different tunings as well as 6-and 12strings, banjo, mandolins (regular and octave) and bodhran.
I am very interested in discussions about bodhran techniques, styles, mic choices and more.