Wayne Davis

I’m 61 in 2 days & a transplant to Ireland from the U. S. (17 years now), the result of marrying a girl from Co Roscommon that I met in the San Francisco Bay area. Recently I started taking guitar lessons again after many years of not playing. I can’t remember or have enough fingers to count how many times I’ve done this in my life, but, since my daughters are taking music lessons in the Colman Center located in Gurteen, Co Sligo, I decided, “What the Heck” I might as well have another go at it. When my teacher suggested a listen to Arty McGlynn’s ‘McGlynn’s Fancy’ I searched the internet for recordings & you tube videos and discovered this site. There seems to be allot of good discussion on this site and as my lessons are primarily Irish, I thought this might be a good place to hang out for awhile and expand my knowledge of the music of my new home.